Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Millennium Activities


Today at school was our turn and Room 17’s turn to go to the AUT Millennium Center on Wednesday 9th of March. We traveled there by bus. When we got there we were split up into groups. Room 17 was group 1 and 2, we were group 3 and 4.

First we went snorkeling with Diane then team building. We did the hula hoop circle then marshmallows and hot chocolate game. How you play is there are two groups of six. Each group has 5 marshmallows, the hard thing is that each group has to get to the other side of the court to win. The group who gets to the other side of the court first wins. But if one person in your group stands on the hot chocolate, the whole group has to start again at the beginning. The girls won the marshmallows and hot chocolate game.

Next we did the pipe and tennis ball  game.How you play was we all (girls and boys) get half a pipe then we connect all of our pipes together. After that, one person at the front rolls the ball on the pipes. After the ball has rolled on your pipe you go to the back of the line and connect your pipe to the last person in line. We kept doing this until we got to the other side of the court. We tried five times but we didn’t make it to the end of the court.

Then it was lunch time. We went down the hill to have lunch. Suddenly I slipped l fell down. Luckily I was not hurt or injured. We walked safely to lunch.  

By Samuel

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  1. Good job Samuel..I'm proud of your wonderful writing :)