Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Water Safety

Water safety was my favourite activity. First our group sat on the blue wooden seat. Our instructor was called Julie. She called us over and handed us our life jackets. The size I got was small. Then Julie made sure our life jacket was tight enough so we could swim. She told us to go in the deep cold pool.

Afterwards she paired us up. I was excited. Amy and I were a pair. I was at the front pulling Amy. When Amy and I swam to the end of the pool we changed around.  When we all swam back we climbed in the boat. After we all got in the boat Julie asked anybody if they wanted to flip backwards. Everybody did it expect one person.

Afterwards, we pushed Shavaun up on the boat and Shavaun pulled Keeley up.  Then they pulled us up on the boat. When we hopped out of the boat our group went to the next activity. Our next activity was kayaking and that was very fun too.

By Jasmine

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  1. Daniel and Reuben2 August 2016 at 12:26

    i liked your story because you used heaps of adjectives which group were you in?