Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Cyber Safe

Today in class we talked about cyber safety. We are learning to leave a positive digital footprint and use devices responsibly.

We covered:
  • How to find a photo that you are allowed to use
  • What to do if there is something on your screen that is inappropriate
  • Don’t click on adverts
  • Don’t send photos or information to people you haven’t met
  • Do not use your school account to sign up for anything - unless your teacher says it’s OK


  1. Some excellent cyber safety tips in this list, Room 8.

  2. That's some great cyber safety tips Room 8. I'm sure the people that look at this list will look at it and will do them. Have you ever done these things yourselves?

  3. Sanne and Stephany21 March 2016 at 11:21

    You have put some really helpful information on there, now you need to make sure you follow that information when you're on the internet. Another way to stay safe on the internet is to always check with a teacher before going on websites ( unless she or he has told you to). Do you all agree with this?