Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Kiralee's weekend at JUMP

My weekend at JUMP

On Wednesday I went to JUMP with my cousins Ashton and Brooklyn. We waited for 45 minutes. Then they said the safety rules. Which was no head first. Then we raced up the stairs.

The first thing I did was the rubber square jump. I swung off the rope and flipped into the squares. I ran down the stairs and raced to the double bounce trampoline. I tried to flip but I fell on my back.

I walked to the trampolines. I bounced onto the green wall. We went to McDonalds. I got a Fanta, 3 chicken nuggets and some chips. Then we all went home. I cleaned the house when they were gone. Then I watched a movie.

The End.

By Kiralee


  1. Hi Kiralee
    Wow, I really liked your story. You have used lots of strong verbs which make your story interesting.
    Was the square trampoline the yellow one next to the wall? Which JUMP did you go to?
    Very good job, Kiralee.

    1. Hi Mr Tucker
      Thank you I worked really hard. I wish I could have you as a teacher every single year