Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Max's Waiheke Adventure

Going to Waiheke

I went to Waiheke in a Helicopter yesterday, Sunday 24th of July.
We went there for lunch. It took 7 minutes to get there.

Firstly, I woke up and ate breakfast.
Then I got dressed. After that I brushed my teeth. Then I was all ready for our amazing journey.

Secondly we were off to go pick up my Nana and Grandad. We were meeting my brother and step dad there.
Thirdly we had Nana and Grandad and we were there, The helicopter was right in front of us. It was amazing.

Fourthly we were in the helicopter, we had our life jackets on and our seat belts secure. Then we put our headsets on and we were off the ground. Then 2 minutes later we were 200 feet or even more in the air.

Finally we were there. We were on the ground and at the restaurant. All the people were looking at us like we were celebrities. After that we went inside and we had food. I had grilled fish and mashed potato with salad. We were there for two hours.

Then the helicopter arrived and we went home, Suddenly the helicopter went down but came back up again, It was just the pilot messing with me.


By Max

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  1. Caitlin and Kiralee2 August 2016 at 12:22

    Hi Max.
    Did you like Waiheke?
    You put lots of strong verbs and strong words.