Friday, 5 August 2016

Raymond's Story

My Play Date with Daniel and Reuben

Beeb, beeb!” Today l’m having a play date with Daniel and Reuben. I was thrilled and couldn’t wait. l told my dad, “Drive faster!” Soon the cool car was as fast as a space ship! 5 minutes later there was a traffic jam but we eventually made a way out. Finally, we arrived and I said hello to Daniel.

As we were heading up the stairs I asked, “Where’s Reuben?” Daniel pretended he didn’t know. When we got up the stairs Reuben suddenly jumped out of nowhere and shouted, “BOO!”  Then Reuben was bursting with laughter.

Later we made our own bookmarks. We spent a lot of time making them and soon our hands were getting sore. Just when I wanted to make the third one the doorbell rang.

Ding, dong! The doorbell was as loud as a fire truck. Then I said, “Bye, bye,” to Daniel and Reuben.  

By Raymond

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