Monday, 1 August 2016

Reuben's Story

RING RING went the phone. Jasmine got it. Jasmine said, "Go get the door, they're here." I was bursting with excitement because Raymond was here.

Raymond said, "Why did you not open the door?" "Because the bell is broken," I said. I ran upstairs and got the ipad. We pressed minecraft. We gave Daniel's ipad to Raymond. I played on mine. We played on survival. It was fantastic. We took turns... then we played object tag - a game where you can't tag living things but carpet and floor separated and you can tag teddy bears and pillows and couches. You can tag the top floors too but if they are touching the thing you tagged you are in.

Then we played minecraft parkour. We made the floor lava and we tried jumping over it without getting touched. We jumped from couch to couch. Then we went to the Pakuranga library because there was a minecraft programme. Raymond came but he didn't bring his ipad. We did. There was some spares so Raymond took one.

We saw one of our other friends and we played multi-player. It wasn't a long time until Daniel's server was five out of five. Me, Raymond and our other friend was playing with Daniel. There was  a surviving area. It is cool but people stopped playing on Daniel's server because Daniel's game kept on crashing.

A lot of people started to play on my server. When I looked around I saw someone with a texture pack and he was playing on mine! Raymond and me were looking, then it said no name joined the game! We went to the jail then the mystery person did too.

When we went to Raymond's house we had a play date with Justin. He brought his ipad and we played on Justin's minecraft. It was escape the prison. He showed us how to do it. We called him the parkour master then he let us play. Raymond tried but he failed on the first jump then I had a turn and I failed on the first jump. Then Daniel had a turn and he failed on the first jump too! Then Jasmine said it is time to go.

The End

By Reuben


  1. isabelle and Richie2 August 2016 at 12:14

    Hello Reuben
    we liked how you said what game you played. we play minecraft as well. we liked how you said what you did. what day did you play minecraft

  2. Samuel and Joseph2 August 2016 at 12:31

    Hi Reuben
    I liked the way that you discribed Justin as a parkour master.
    Next time will you make your story a bit shorter.

  3. Hello Reuben
    That is an amazing story I wish I was a great author like you. I am not a big fan of mine craft like you, but I enjoyed the great words you used. When I was reading that amazing story my eyes were sore.
    Maybe next time you should use not as much mine craft